Our Threesome Adventures


My husband and I got married Five years ago. We are in a pretty happy arrangement and I believe we both love and care for each each other deeply. We are pretty adventurous by nature and always want to try out new things. When we got married my husband and I made a pact that on each others birthdays we would give the other whatever they wished for. I had always fantasized of having two men take me though never talked to anyone about it.

Male Male Female Threesome

A week before my 28th birthday, my husband sent me a text asking me what I wanted for my upcoming birthday. I contemplated telling him a weekend get away but I couldn’t help but type ‘threesome‘ He must have thought I was joking because my mobile phone rang two seconds later with him on the other end asking if I was serious. I told him yes and he disconnected the line.

I spent the whole afternoon wondering if it was a mistake to have sent that text. When I got home that night I found him at the apartment and I told him that we could do with a weekend away instead. He said he would make plans for us to travel during the weekend. That night he was too quiet and did not make love to me. I figured he must have hated the idea of threesomes.

On Friday night, we were on our way to a weekend away at the beach. It was a small boutique hotel near the beach with very personalized service. We got into our room settled, took a long bath and went down stairs for dinner. The following day was my birthday, I woke up to an amazing wrist watch from my man and a delicious lovemaking session in the morning.

We spent the whole day swimming and having drinks at the bar. By evening, we had made friends with the waiter who I couldn’t help but notice was hot. My husband must have noticed how I stared at him and the large tip I left him after paying our drinks. When we were leaving my husband asked the waiter if he could join us after his shift and the waiter agreed.

Later that evening we came down to the restaurant and we found the waiter from day time seated at the entrance of the restaurant , we asked him to join us. Dinner was good and we started drinking and having conversations and after sometime it began to feel like we had known each other for a long time. We drank quiet a bit that night, and when we were about ready to leave and call it a night, Gerald the waiter asked us if we would mind him watching us in bed. My heart skipped at the thought, and my husband agreed. I could feel myself already getting aroused at the thought.

We quickly paid our bill and went upstairs, we started kissing at the door and I could feel my husband rock hard cock. I stared at Gerald as I undid my husbands shirt and I could see the bulge on his trouser. My husband pulled away from me and signaled Gerald to kiss me. Gerald hesitated for a moment and he started kissing me first slowly then hungrily. My husband sat at the corner of the bed watching us.

A few seconds later I was naked and Gerald wasted no time licking and kissing my whole body. I was mourning loudly as Gerald used his hands and tongue to lick my wet pussy. My husband started stroking his cock and I waved for him to join us.

Gerald carried me to bed, my legs were wide open, Gerald started kissing my inner thighs as my husband brought his cock to my face, I started licking his balls, as Gerald licked my clit. My husband started kissing my breasts I asked him to fuck me, Gerald must have thought I was talking to him coz he immediately penetrated me. He started thrusting slowly.

My husband brought his dick to my mouth, without a second thought I grabbed his shaft and slowly slid it in my mouth. slowly I took his shaft down my throat. I looked at his face and saw the pleasure he was having. Gerald started moving faster and faster, my body was built up and I knew I was going to have massive release. Gerald was fucking my pussy and my husband was fucking my face with matching rhythm, I could not hold it any longer and I lost all sense and the waves of my orgasm took over.

Gerald pulled himself out and my husband turned me around to fuck me doggy style. On all fours, Gerald rammed his shaft in and out of my mouth. I moved my hand and started rubbing my clit, My husband’s deep thrusts were becoming harder and I could feel him tense, he offloaded in me.

When we finished we went into the bathroom and fucked one more time. When we were done my husband looked at me and said “Happy Birthday Sue” Needless to say it was the best birthday ever got a weekend get away, an amazing wrist watch and my first ever threesome.