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When my wife and I were married we knew that we were different than most other couples. We were open minded and my wife called us “Hyper-Sexual”. We had both been in other relationships where our drives and desires were not met.

In the past, this would have disastrous impact on relationships. Early on in our marriage we had discussed bringing others into our bed. We had ideas of the type of people that we wanted to meet but we had no idea of how to find them.

We had both been to clubs but the people there were not the type that we would want to bring home. My wife then ran into online adult dating sites.

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It took only a few minutes for us to locate a few different websites. We were able to quickly put in our information, establish an account and start browsing for people in our area and if your a couple seeking man we suggest you try them.

We were able to select search parameters that would make sure that we were only looking at people that we were interested in. We did not want anyone married, looking for something on the side. We wanted someone that could enjoy themselves with us, without any hindrance.

For the most part we were able to view pictures, read profiles of men and couples that interested us and send out casual greetings in a very short period of time.

Adult websites are an excellent way of getting to know potential playmates and threesome partners. Bars and clubs allow you to access only a handful of people at a time. You are also exposed to predators and others that are not interested in finding partners as much as they are finding victims.

Adult dating sites are safer. They provide you time to actually get to know other people. By filling out our profiles with what we were interested in, other people were able to find us. Some adult dating sites even automatically provided matches based on interests, location and other criteria.

There was no pressure and we had the opportunity to get to know the people that interested us. The hardest part was narrowing our selections because these websites allow you access to thousands of people that share similar interests as you. My wife and I were able to find people that fit us perfectly by typing in couple seeking man. 

We spent a great deal of time getting to know one another. We made arrangements to meet another man and wanted to make sure that it was safe. We met for dinner at a restaurant and talked, that way there was no pressure for anyone.

Our new male friend and my wife hit it off right away. It was a great evening and we parted without any pressure and found ourselves very interested. It was great to be able to talk to someone outside of a loud bar. We were able to discuss our interests and have had several dates afterwards.

I will admit that I was nervous about the idea at first. Men tend to be very possessive. We were lucky to have the time to get to know the guy better and build trust even before we met.

Couple Seeking Man

We have been able meet up with others too. Adult dating websites often contain blogs and message boards that allow people to organize events to get to know each other.

This is great for my wife and I because we can be open around the people that have similar lifestyles as we do. It was very difficult for us to get together with others before.

People that are not part of our lifestyle were likely to be very upset and edgy around us, if they found out that we liked to share our bed.

Now we have people that are part of our lifestyle and can be open. Adult dating websites became more than just dating, it became an extended group to socialize with.

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We have been able to fully explore our sexuality and fantasies because of adult dating websites. We have met some great men and couples that have provided us with some absolutely fantastic nights.

We do not have to take risks or go through expensive nights at clubs hoping to meet someone we like. Adult dating sites have made it safer and easier to meet people we want to meet.

If your looking to find a female instead of a male 3some partner you can visit the same site which gives you all the information you will need to find your sexual three way buddy.


How To Write Threesome Ads

My Ad For Couple Seeking Men

Below is an ad I wrote on various dating websites, if it helps you can copy and use it to find threesome partners for you and you’re partner. This ad worked very well for us and we still use it today.


We are an open minded couple that are seeking a man, and wish to expand our fun in the bedroom, and maybe some other rooms in the house too. We are looking for an open minded man to join in our fun and exploration of our expansion into this world. The man must not be gay but willingness to share the lady is a must. The fun will not be dangerous, there for no joking or beating but otherwise all is open for discussion and what we do will depend on all participants comfort zone. 

This may include some bondage, light spanking, most probably blindfolds. If you have ideas that you want to bring to us or ideas that you also want to try but have been unable to find willing partners then you may have found your couple.

You must be reasonably well endowed but being a horse is not required. The lady wants to experience multiple orgasms both with each male partner separately and also with both males at the same time. This might be while giving oral to one and having intercourse with the other. depending on your inclination then we could even have anal and vaginal intercourse at the same time.

While you are blind folded you may receive oral sex, and we can see if you can guess which of us gave you the best orgasm,. If you are good at oral sex then maybe you could give ideas and teach him your technique. You may watch as I go down on him and give me instructions on what to do, how to do it. We are both quite good at it but playing is all part of the fun. 

One other thing we do enjoy is to have the visiting male bring the lady right to the point of orgasm but then stop, let her cool off and then the other male see if he can get her to reach that point and even farther, then back and forth, one then the other, seeing who can bring her closest to the point of orgasm without actually going over it. This can be so very exciting and the subsequent orgasm can be very mind blowing.

If any of this sounds like something you would like to participate in then maybe we are the couple for you and you could be the man that we are looking for. 

Contact us and we can discuss and hopefully make plans.